Saturday...Day Hand?

Sorry, I was trying to pun up Deftones' "Saturday Night Wrist" album but it didn't work out. Anyway, I went on a walk with my boyfriend after like WEEEEKKKKKSSSS of not seeing him.

Me on the way to seeing him :)
Oh, on my way to seeing him, I was walking down my road and saw a freaking line of deer. Not LINES, a single straight line, almost face to butt line. Of just deer standing there. Want proof, look at this shiz:

Okay, well a few starting moving by the time I was able to get close enough (and zoom) to take the shot, but they were ALL in a straight line. Crazy.

Anyway, I meet up with boyfriend and we do that dramatic jump up and hug stuffs. Been too long. Anyway, we start walking around and we see this:

A heart. A heart on the road. How sweet is that? :)

We went to our community's park and I saw a tree that snapped open :(

Isn't that so sad? :(

Then we got silly and started taking pictures of each other :) Including this little one of me. 

Over all it was a really good day :) I'll be posting pics of the outfit I wore really really soon.

Thanks for reading.

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