t-shirt necklaces.

So yesterday and this morning, I made some necklaces out of this HUGE heap of t-shirts my brother gave me ( *cough*ibeggedhimfor*cough* ) that were too small, too big, or he just didn't like. I've been trying to use them to the fullest extent, however, it's hard to be creative sometimes haha. Anyway, here's yesterday's necklace:

This necklace is pretty much a strip of t-shirt, sewn into a stuff, stuffed with a cotton ball, and then tightly rubberband-ed. Well, I cut an uneven strip which is a slight reason why this necklace is a little, lumpy. Second reason is that I don't have balls of cottonballs or any roundish material, so I had to make balls made of fabric and try to shove them in and quickly rubberband before they lose shape. After that, I snipped the edges which gives it a ruffly side and tied a strip of the tee as the rest of the necklace. I still like my uneven necklace though. 

And the other necklace I made (this morning):
This one is based off the "necklush," of which you might have seen in numerous posts of mine. (& more haha)

But instead of it being just one whole wrap around necklace, I kept the strips separate and cut and stretched them to different lengths so you get the layer effect. The darker blue were the regular long strips and the light blue with medium sized, so they were sewn onto some pieces, tied onto others, and even braided and twisted in place. I think it looks pretty decent, not amazing, but decent. 

And that's what I've been doing currently. Thanks for looking. :)

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