I wore this Sunday to babysit at a friend's of my parents. I woke up at 8:30am to be ready by 10am. Turned out to be the little sister of this girl who was the captain of the cheerleading team during my freshman year. She had graduated last year. From 10am to around 6pm or so, I babysat a six year old named Taylor. She was a darling, but it took a lot of determination to get her away from playtime.

More pictures and a story below the cut:
(pardon the shoddy quality. I was rushing to take pictures, thus the crappy movement pixels.)

First off, we just played around with an inflated ball. WAIT, before that, they have this large dog that's an one year old. Really playful, but also ferocious. Not even two minutes after the girl and her dad leave the house, the dog claws my hand and wrist. From then on, I never took off my jacket. Okay, so we played with a ball, then I popped it (oops).

Then we played on the trampoline... and proceeded to jump her for like ten minutes. Then we got off and trekked through liquidy mud to the tire swing. Our feet = saturated in mud. We went on the front porch and I got dozens of wet paper towels for each of us to scrub our feet clean. Pardon me, I forgot to tell you I wearing these new sandals I got from Target:

This was BEFORE babysitting and mud. Now the sandals are officially broken in. I done everything from muddying, to getting covered in sand, to running down the road with them in one single day. Thank goodness I like kids.

 I was more babysitting the dog than the girl. Soon enough after she ridden her bike like three times (with me chasing after her full speed in new sandals), she spotted the little girls from across her house and wanted to play. So she asked and then all went over to play on the swing set. There were three girls and a boy: Grace (7), Alisa(5), and Mackenzie(5), and Jeffrey(3). The girls decided to go in the sandbox and make a garden. Jeffrey wanted to play, but it kept "messing up" the garden. In order to make it fair for everyone, I took two large scoops of sand with a bucket and poured it into the sandbox cover so Jeffrey could still play with sand without bugging the girls.

Sometimes it's the simplest solutions to please everyone.

Then everyone were riding bikes again. One girl fell off and hurt her hand. She promptly came back out after crying for a minute or two to her mom, then they were all playing with chalk. The girls wouldn't let Mackenzie play with chalk, so I asked if we could have two pieces, one for me, one for her. Mackenzie was the outcast after that. They said that they needed the blue she had for their rainbow picture (there were two blues), so I stated there was one there and she said that they deserved the larger blue. I tried explaining that the size doesn't matter, but I just let them have the larger one. Me and her started drawing on the road.

Taylor got up and drew a big line between our groups. She said that we couldn't cross the line. Me making the point that I don't want them rejecting Mackenzie, I stepped over the line. Taylor walked up and said I can't cross it. I proceeded to make fun and dance and sing 'I'm over the liiiiine.' She said 'You'll regret it.' And I said 'How?' Then she took blue chalk and drew a blue line down my pants. 

Legitimately. Blue chalk line down my black jeans. Any other situation, I would flip crap and call the parents for misbehaving like that or if I knew her well enough like my neighbor's kids, I'd punish her however her parents did. However, I wasn't going to back down. I was in Mackenzie's position as a little girl. Nobody wanted to play with me, but unlike Mackenzie, I never had anyone to fight for me.

I said 'Oooooooh, you drew a chalk line on me. I'm so scaaaared.' She drew another one. 'Please, make artwork on me. I IMPLORE you.' She scribbles in different colours. I keep dancing around singing 'It washes away in the lauuuuundry!' Then all the girls started drawing on the pants, my vest ( *inner tear drops* ), and on my jacket. They even invite Mackenzie to draw also. It might have taken ruining my jeans momentarily, but Score one for the Outsider Defender, EveyHoneysuckle ;D

More trampoline, then road tennis (it was awful. Little girls should not be playing with adult sized rackets), the bike rides, more chalks, and then trampoline. Then the neighborhood boy ran over to play on the trampoline also. Jumping both of them killed my legs, however, Taylor was starting to get tired, which is good. Tired = sleepingness = PEACE (plus, pee time. I hadn't had a chance to pee in like, seven hours haha). But then 5:00 rolled in. Before her dad said that he'd or the mom would be home around 6, so I wanted her in an hour before so she could relax and be warm since it was getting cold.

Getting her off the trampoline was a whole 'nother story. I tried dragging her, but the boy pulled back. Then he blocked the exit, so I did what I usually do to my neighbor's kids if they don't do what I say:

First I grabbed Taylor and held onto her saying I'm not going to let go until she agrees to get off the trampoline. Of course, she says yes so she doesn't have to be held on. I let go. Then she jumps and acts like she won. I grab her again and hold on. I say that she's going inside, but she refuses. A few more minutes later, she says she'll go in so I'll let go of her. 
I say "No, we're staying on the trampoline." 
They cheer, however, I don't let go. "You have to let go of me!" she yells. 
I say, "I said you could stay on, I didn't say I'd let go."
Then I hold onto her until she says,"Fine, I want to go inside!" 
I say,"I thought we wanted on the trampoline."
A minute or two of holding on, the moment I let go, she runs inside. The boy follows, but it's alright, I got her inside. Sometimes you have to play mind games with kids. Kids are a lot more manipulative than you think, so sometimes you have to stoop to their level.

I make hot chocolate for them. The boy's mom calls and wants him home, so I walk him back to the house. We go in and she's wrapped under the blankets on the couch watching tv. She's sooo obviously pooped from being able to play as much as possibly today. Then she says she wants to go in the hot tub. As amazing as it is to be hot tubbing in fourty degree weather (in the afternoon anyway), I don't have a bathing suit. So she grabs one of her sister's. I put it on reluctantly, however, I'm a small on top, medium on bottom. The bathing suit is a medium-medium, so the top was slipping the whole hot tubbing. Her mom came in right as we were drying off inside. I quickly got on clothes and got a ride back home. I earned twenty dollars, but sometimes I feel weird accepting money for caring for kids, but with no real job, I can't deny the money.

And that was my day. If you read all that, you're a great person haha.

Shirt: Forever 21
Vest: BONGO, K-Mart
Necklace: Claire's
Pants: Forever 21
Sandals: K-Mart

Thanks for reading :)

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