100th POST!....

And it's not a special post, it's an update on my week long absence. Sucks, huh?

One, I'm MOST disappointed with myself just because I had some REALLY cute uniform outfits this week, but I failed to take photos of it because I kept getting rushed out of my house or woke up late in the morning to take them. Suuuuucks. Just means I'm gonna have to wear them again this week lol. In a way, I'm glad my school has uniforms because it gives me full right to wear the same outfit over and OVER and OVER again and no one will say anything.

Two, since Sunday last week, I've been crochetting a chain-scarf-necklace. I made it gold, HOWEVER, after it was done, I realized it's cheese yellow. I just decided that I'm gonna be the "Dairy Pimp." Pictures coming REALLY soon.

Three, I've been pretty busy with my step team practices. We're hosting a show in my school called "Stepping for a Cure" which is going to be a benefit for a St. Jude's hospital near where I live. They provide free cancer treatments to younger children, so we're raising money to help pay for the free treatments. In the show, there's going to be stepping, dance, and modeling. In between those segments, we have singing and poetry reciting. The poems they're gonna read are poems written by children who have cancer, so they'll hit everyone's heart. The even larger surprise is that the hospital said they're gonna try to bus a few kids who have cancer down to the show to watch the benefit :) I tear up just thinking about having them with us as we collect money for them. Prepare for pictures of it sometime this month.

Four, I got a car. I don't think I mentioned it to you guys. My parents bought me a flipping caaaaaar! It's a 2001 green Ford Focus XTC I believe. I still can't drive, I don't have a permit, but that's my car haha :)

Five, holy shiz I'm doing great in school. This is good solely because of my past extremely sucky grades. Note, first two years of high school, I had a full up schedule in summer school :3 It was bad. But right now, doing great. Wish me luck til the end!

Six, I payed my stupid class dues so I'll be going to prom. Hopefully, my boyfriend can attend. There's a bit of difficulty for several reasons why he may not, but I'm ready to help him out with it no matter what :) Prom's in May. I don't see the point of prom though. I'm only going because my parents would flip on me and to make up for my boyfriend's prom last year when I didn't go. Not because I couldn't afford it, because I was being selfish :( So yeah.

Aaaaaaaaand, that's about it right now. Most posts coming up though. Sorry for the lack of content.
Thanks for reading :)

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