ANOTHER Giveaway?

Oh yes indeedy. Obviously, I'm digging giveaways, especially since I've been slacking off on the blog here due to schoolwork. At least providing the few readers (very few) with some contests with free stuff would be rad :)

Okay, so the people at "Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways" blog (what a mouthful huh?) are hosting ANOTHER giveaway. Not only this Juicy Couture one, but now this jewelry giveaway. All you need to do is follow them on on Google Friend Connect and leave your email. Extra entries are listed. 

Go on people :) I promise you, I owe you guys a lot of updates including Nylon's April scans, one outfit post, one uniform post, and now ANOTHER Nylon Scan for May. TWO Nylon scans. Oh boy, my flickr page is gonna be blowing up.

Stop standing there reading this text. Enter!

1 comment:

  1. Those giveaways are fantastic, i'll have to enter! Can't wait to see these Nylon scans :)