burst of colour.

A few years ago, I used to be addicted to Starburst. Not because of it being a good candy (because Skittles is my favorite candy), but because I wanted the wrappers to the Starburst. Why? Well, I went through a phase of trying to reuse candy wrappers, most unsuccessful. I collected so many and had even my friends buy Starburst to give me the wrappers. Soon enough, I gathered so many that I could make five billion bracelets.

I tried different projects: 
+ Starburst wrapper bracelets. It failed due to unstability. 
+ Starburst chokers. It failed because it was a SMIDGE uncomfortable.
+ Starburst headband. It failed due to clapse issues.

The biggest project I did was a Starburst purse which required almost all of my wrappers & TONS of clear tape. I made the bottom and up a few inches, however, it didn't work, like all my projects. Since then my Starburst wrappers sat undisturbed in a shoe box for four years.

I just recently opened them and realized what I could do with them: Rainbow collage around my lightswitch. Look how it came out!

Don't be hating on my bear-picnic outlet. You wish you had it ;P

I love all the colours though. My mom gave me a weird/dirty look, but I don't care. At first I was unsure whether I should have had more, but after sending a picture to my boyfriend, he said it looked cool because it looks like it fades out as it gets darker in the rainbow. Well spent Monday :)

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  1. wow this is crazy cool! I love this.. Your blog is truely fun I'm glad that you have commented on my picture on chictopia... I am now A new follower of yours!
    xoxo asiahlynn