I wore this Monday before. I have been sooo busy this week I wasn't able to upload any uniform outfits. Well, I honestly don't remember what I did Monday. I hardly remember anything I did this week, so these posts will probably just be photographs for now unless I think of things to add.
I know it was really like, hot and humid on Monday. I believe the step team and I practiced outside. My hair was enormous and I was hot, but I wanted layers. Layers makes things better :3

More pictures under the cut:

Sorry, my face was fug haha.

Hi, I'm ANOTHER cute pose that got blurred.

Polo: Salvation Army
Vest: DIY
Necklace: Target
Belt: gift
Diy capris: Hydraulic, Salvation Army
Socks: Walmart
Shoes: Joe Boxer, K-Mart

Thanks for looking :)

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