Chictopia: Green cashmere sweater

On Chictopia rewards, I bought a green cashmere sweater from Qi. Before I bought it, I had enough points but for a day, I pondered whether it would look good, if the colour would suit me, etc. I ended up getting it thanks to the positive reinforcement of one chictopia member. Here it is:
It's soooo warm and soft and omg, just perfect :) I've also noticed I've been addicted to the colour green lately. No idea why though. *shrugs*

It lacks a bit of shape, but it's fine, I can just belt it. And I like, realized it'd look pretty cute with my jean vest, you know? It's borderline 80s, 90s :)

Adore it :)

Be jealous ;D jk. 
Thanks for looking :)

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