Gone for a few days?

Yeah, it's true. I had one really cute outfit, but I haven't taken a picture of it, so I'll just wear it Tuesday to school. Oh yeah, I have school off today, tomorrow, and Monday. However, I have a lot of things to do plus I've been on this organizing spree. Seriously, my room is getting so neat, it's insane. I'm growing a smidge minimalist lately, yet I still own a ton of things I don't use. I will admit, I'm quite greedy and don't want to give ALL my stuff away or chuck it. It'll break.

So I have to paint about two paintings (one a large glass painting painting haha & one an ocean landscape), storyboard my senior project (in order to graduate from my school, you need to do some charitable event to raise money for an organization, present the project, and write a six to eight page paper relating to the subject of the project. LAME!), and I have a "Career Exploration" essay due on April 29th (same day as the step team's event :D ). Overall, I'm a busy little mofo, yo.

Pardon me if there are lack of posts, but I leave you with a fond memory of mine from back when I was younger:
This is my brother and I back in the day in front of our old house. He was a ninja for Halloween and I was that Queen chicky from Star Wars. Till this day, I still cannot spell or pronounce her name properly. 

Just keep an eye out for me every so often :)

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