I wore this Thursday to school. Super inspired by Zana Bayne of wanting to wear harnesses, yet lacking the money to purchase (one day I'll be a loyal customer :) ), I used Syl & Sam's diy halter using two skinny belts. Possibly the best diy thought ever. My friend Tyler kept saying that I look like I'm into BDSM and such. I just like the look haha :)

Bonus: Because I had to tighten it (the belts are a medium, smalls work better), everytime I breathed, I had to straighten up because the back would pull my shoulders back. 

More pictures below the cut:

Hi, I'm a funky hunky chunky monkey.

Hair clip: Five Below
Zipper heart necklace: Claire's
Belts: Deb
Polo: Salvation Army
Skirt: Rifle schoolwear, gift
Socks: Hanes, Walmart
Shoes: Mudd, Salvation Army

Thanks for looking :)


  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! what a neat idea to make your own harness, it looks great with the white top :)

  2. the harness is a great idea - might try that out some time! the midi is so cute, especially with those socks <3

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  3. Very chic look! And where is this little white vest you spoke of? Sounds enticing!