Okay back in my Salvation Army post, I bought this really rad white motorcycle-styled vest by Paper Dolls that was unfortunately too big. It's a medium, but I guess it's an adult medium that requires boobs haha. How big was it? This big:
Btw, these posts pictures are going to be small like this because I forgot to resize them so they're HUGE when you click.
It's very awkwardly sized on me. I've never worked with material like it and I didn't want to risk taking it apart and putting it back together wrong, so I made a super easy fix. Add a button to tighten it :)

Tada! I just took the overlapping material, cut and sewed a little buttonhole, then sewed a button on the area where if I pulled it tight, it'd look the vest. It worked out great! Plus I love that the little pocket zipper is going up the chest so it reminds me that it's in the middle, you know? Then I realized, "Omg, this would look GREAT over my new green Sweater from Qi!"

You have no idea how much this sweater is going to be a spring-summer staple.
Uniform posts coming today :)

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