i disappeared.

Okay, so I will admit, I've been gone for QUITE some time. It wasn't intentional, I just have had so many things going on. Homework, senior project (a project that benefits the community or a charity or educates others. It's needed to pass as a senior), and other random events in my life occurring such as going over friends to do MORE homework or this past Tuesday, I went to a Deftones concert (things on that occurring). And I'd update now (I do have things I can update with), however, I don't have the time. In fact, tomorrow and Monday, I'm camping out at Gettysburg with my Civil War class and my school's history club near the Gettysburg battlefield and it's going to rain >>

Okay, so these are the updates that SHOULD be coming soon:

-Three uniform posts.
-2am pictures after the Deftones concert (It was at the Electric Factory in Philly. More on that when it's posted).
- Nylon's April & May scans (technically, photos not scans, but same diff.)

I knoooooow that I've been saying that I'd put them up, but goddammit, I get too busy and there's like over 100 pages in each magazines, pardon me that I have to resize like 80 pictures XD

So wish me luck for tomorrow that I won't be drenched head to toe in rainwater :3
Thanks for still checking me out! Have a good Sunday :D

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