Camera update

So, I lost my camera like, weeks ago due to an awesome bus fire and I've been posting old photos here. Well, my mother recently bought a new camera... for herself. So as a result, I get the old, crappy camera of hers. When I say old, I mean, Kodak EasyShare C340 from like five, six years ago. We all know that we consider anything from early 2000s old, but technology improves everyday so fast, this is ancient tech now compared to iPads and touch screens.

Point is, I have a camera and I will start to take photos again. Now since school is over, I can have regular outfit posts which is what I've been craving to do. You'll be able to see my actual closet and not just the same polos over and over again.

Huzzah! Well as another little update besides that, I'm gonna put a list of things I want to get accomplished this summer as another page. Keep up with what I'm doing with my life on Twitter and inspiration photos on my Tumblr.

Have a good day y'all!

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