Life update.

Okay, I haven't been seen very often. I'm telling you, I am alive, but with no photographic evidence. LUCKILY, my insurance check from the bus fire came in this morning. I can't disclose how much it is, but first things first, I'm purchasing a new camera. I have so many things to tell and show you. I have so many new things (but I'm not going to be that narcissistic), and experiences that I wish to reveal.

In a week and a half, I'm be disappearing with a reason: I'm going to Mrytle Beach for vacation! My family always does a vacation. Three times we've went to Wildwood NJ, one time we went to Atlantic City (COMPLETELY AWFUL [soexpeeeeeensive :( ], and this time Mrytle Beach. The most into South Carolina I've been was when I went to Florida in 4th grade & we stopped at the Mexican restaurant border thingy between NC & SC.

I'm going to be spending my birthday there and I'm hoping to buy a new camera once the check clears before we leave for it. I swear, when I come back, I will flood this blog with so many entries (especially overdue Nylon issues (April to July issues! FOUR ISSUES!).

The only things I've done so far is watching tv, hanging with the boo, crochetting, DIY-ing, and emptying out my closet. I'm trying to start a more mature and "easy to be chic" closet. I also did some online shopping for the first time: So. Rad. And tomorrow, I'm taking my permit test (because it's so cool to be one month from being 18 and not knowing anything about a car other than how to back it up properly and crash it into a tree the moment the gear shifts to Drive.)

So yeah, that is my life up to this point. Hope everyone else is having a good summer so far! :)

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