Back from Myrtle Beach!

Hey! I'm back from Myrtle Beach. Specifically, I've BEEN back. I got back on Saturday the 16th :3 Oops, late update. Anywhoodle, since I've come back, I've been practicing my driving, which is coolio. Today, I have up to an hour and 5 minutes of driving experience under my belt haha.

Back to Myrtle Beach, I did a ton of things. I went bananaboating, I went parasailing (the bananaboat was included because we had to get to the boat in the middle of the ocean), minigolfing, beaches, shopping, etc.And I celebrated my 18th birthday watching Beatlemania (a Beatles cover band) at the Carolina Opry Theatre. It was aweeeesome. I didn't take any outfit pictures, but I took so many others. Maybe I'll post a few later :)

I'm kind of lazy to write anymore, so there you go. More outfit posts on the way :)

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