New camera? No, I don't think so

I just bought a new camera today. I was so excited about taking my first picture in a month and then I try it out in the car. Decent photo, probably be better results at home. Try it at home like my normal outfit photos aaaaaand disappointment. Not as bright and colourful as my old camera. I try a different mode and flash: Still dull and crap. Try a photo outside: Still crap. How is this possible?! Outside light is supposed to improve the quality of the photo since it makes things happy and colourful. 

Overall, I highly don't recommend GE's E1680W digital camera (from the Power Series). I'm going back to K-Mart and buying my old Cybershot. Fo' shizz, why did I turn my back on a Sony? Darn my will to want to experiment with products. Always trust a Cybershot.

Point of this post: I'm getting a camera so this blog will be back on track.

Have a good week :)

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