Guess what..... NEW CAMERA?!?!?! Finally! I just went to Best Buy in this outfit to buy my new camera thanks to their marvelous July 4th sale. So uber happy :)

I know I'm spectacularly purple head to toe. Blame the choice on my tights, however, I felt so awesome running around in pure purple/pink. 

It's still a Sony Cybershot camera I bought like my old one, just the better version of my old one. It's done a pretty good job, don't you think. So my photo hiatus is officially off. I'm back to fashion posts. Watch out now ;D

Heart zipper necklace: Claire's
DIY'ed studded shirt: Flea market
Clutch purse: Flea market
Tights: Kohl's
Shoes: libby.edelman, Payless

Thanks for looking :)

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