Where have I gone?

There were many times the past few weeks that I stood in a nice outfit, camera out and ready to snap a picture of myself. There were times that I sat at my computer staring at my blogger's homepage and debated whether I want to update or not. There were times that I wanted to just delete this so I wouldn't feel hassled to NEED to update. 

Then I wondered if anyone actually looks at this blog and misses posts. Then I thought, "Tons of bloggers have time between posts, why do I feel the need to want to update every single day?" Most of my favorite blogs are spontaneous posters or they'll do a once a week thing. I feel obligated to blog even though I WANTED to blog every single day. 

Perhaps the freedom of school overwhelmed me and now I feel free from blogging. I blogged for a reason when I did my uniform posts. I blogged because it helped me escape the torture of uniforms. It gave me a reason to want to overdress, underdress, and dress in wackadoo ways. This doesn't apply to my Chictopia account, that was just because I like fashion, but this blog was meant for my school uniforms. Without an uniform, this blog seems a bit pointless for me. I stare at it, my camera in hand with a nice outfit on and think "This doesn't represent my current style whatsoever." Even my latest outfits doesn't fit the theme here which was "Up with uniform fashion!" (note: poor theme choice haha).

I still love fashion, but this blog is just not me anymore. So, I'm going to have depart here and create a new blog. I know this is a pretty crappy ending to this, especially because it didn't even last a full year, but I feel bad for feeling bad about not blogging. Blogging should be enjoyed, you know? Not required. And with that, goodbye blog.

The next post I'll make will be my new blog's address once it's up and running. Thanks my very few readers :)


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