bold and cropped.

My current love (extending from my last post) is made up of bold colours, large printed florals (in lime green, orange orange, and lemon yellow), denim shirts & jackets, hot pants in fluroscents, laid back messy hair, BIG hair (bouffants please), cropped tops, and high heels. 

Never mind the cobblestone, we got places to go.

Eh, Eh (i got a lot to say).

I absolutely love Lady Gaga. While this single is old, I absolutely love the fashion. The bright, bold prints mixed with laid back summer style (hot pants and exposed midriffs anyone?) but with the sweetest of spring florals. Love, love, love. Especially the swirled, big typical, I'm gonna assume Italian or Sicilian stayed hair.

(Not to mention a good song, eh? [get it, I made a pun after the song... heh...] )

So I made a Polyvore out of it:

Eh, Eh.
Eh, Eh. by Evangelinia featuring sparkly jewelry

 I took the video and incorporated my own style into it. I have the cropped top, except not a very colourful one, but a neutral with a pop of colour in the unique print & a neutral brown high paper waist short, after all, who need's an enourmous lime green floral print on their butt when textures can be just as eye-catching? A lavender cardie (a girl gets cold with their extremities are exposed) with matching purple, suede heels. Peep toe, of course; easiest way to look flirty. A nice bold, colourful necklace since most of this outfit is made of neutrals & the final touch, a red-brown brick purse stocked with lipglosses and fake hairbows. Ah-dorable. (Sorry, I've been reading "The Clique" the last two weeks, pardon the Massie-isms.)

Personally, I'd rock this outfit, but I'll keep the idea for the summer. Pennsylvania winters aren't very friendly to half-naked horn girls. :)

Thanks for reading.


Has it really been more than a week?

 (that's me btw haha)

Answer: Yes.

I've been so dead. I have pictures on my computer to put up, I have other things I wanted to type. But here's my thing:

I'm so stacked with schoolwork right now. Plus I've been at step team practices and performing at games (well he had one performance. My dad recorded it on his new Android cell.) We got applauded so loud. I loved it. We probably were cheered for more than any of the cheerleaders' performances combined. (Not a diss as cheerleaders, but my school's is honestly pretty lame. Can't wait till college cheerleading.)

Anyway, other than that, it's been reading (Immortal series, Pretty Little Liars series [shut up, i know it's a show, but books are better anyway <btw it's Allison's twin sister. oops spoiler>], Wicked Lovely series, and The Clique [I know it's totally 6th grade, but it's a real good series even if it's a bit superficial. I love Massie Block. Love the comebacks haha] )& schoolwork & chore labor. Sucks. XP

However, I seem to be pretty busy right now. I'll try to update when I can for the week, but no gurantees. I apologize to the... three followers XD and any on-lookers haha.

Thanks for reading.



I went to some indoor flea market and got two cool things;

Including this ridiculously, gaudy but nifty necklace hehe. Click below to see more pictures of the things I bought today:


I wore this today when I went to this indoor flea market by me. Got some cool shiz, so look out for the next post.

It was a whole ensemble of green, brown, and hhaki. I was an "Army girl" as my pseudo-brother told me.

I got my plaids on and my bullet belt of course.


And my crazy awesome hair.

Yeah, I don't have too much of a story today. I'm quite lazy today. Just look at my pictures in my next post of the items I bought today. Thanks :)

Coat: Union Bay
Jacket: Kohl's
Shirt: n/a
Necklace: Target
Belt: boardwalk
Jeans: Vanilla Sky, Deb
Sunglasses: n/a
Purse: n/a


I got these new purses from my neighbor on Thursday.

Okay, they're not exactly "cute", but I like them, they have potential. The one on the left, the khaki one, I'm thinking about scribbling on it with sharpie and putting some spikes or something cool on it. And the other purse, I'm just thinking it should be used as a beach bag. Honestly, I would NEVER wear it out otherwise hahaha.

Well, there's some new stuff there.


Whoa, I died a bit didn't I?
Correct answer: Yes.

I wore this someday last week...I think Wednesday. I was wearing capris, but I was cold, so I put on the legwarmers and I was like "Hey it's pretty cute together." Then I momentarily felt like an equestrian and proceeded to gallop every so often through the day. That's what horse-riders do, dawg.

Shirt: Aeropostale
Tank: Hanes, Walmart
Capris: n/a
Legwarmers: n/a
Shoes: Route 66, K-Mart
Headband: Claire's
Necklace: Target
Bracelets: Claire's

That's my brief update. Thanks :)


"Kiss My Face" Peaches & Creme Moisturizer Review

I bought this moisturizer from my (somewhat) local Walmart. I've been looking for a regular moisturizer that contained Alpha-Hydroxy acid (AHA), antioxidants, tea tree oil, etc. Natural stuff, you know. 

Read more about my somewhat-review on this product below:

cheer up kid.

Friday will be the beginning of a new semester of school for me, my LAST semester of high school. While that's all memories and shiz, I'm focused on this semester and the awful way that I ended it. I made a promise to myself to do better than the years before. Of which, freshman & sophomore year I spent in summer school. Last year I lucked out, however, it's still a disappointment.

First semester of this year, I had Environmental Issues class. We learn about the environment, the issues and dilemmas, why this is affecting our lives, and ways that we could help reduce the impact of it. It was easy enough, just have an open mind. However, I'm cursed with a faulty memory. I forgot assignments which was quick to plummet my grade. And the teacher was never consistent. He hardly ever told you when due dates were until the day it was due. And he was quick to anger. In one lab, I accidently mixed up the bacterias and asked if I can redo it. He proceeded to yell at me in front of the whole class. Needless to say, I almost cried on the spot. I'm weak when it comes to scolding.

The last two weeks in class, we spent constructing things from an energy kit. Along with constructing it, we had to keep a journal to track our progress. My group unfortunately could just build the whole thing, we only got to the 6th experiment while everyone was on the 10th, then the 12th, then the 14th. We stayed on 6. My members refused to ask the other groups how they did theirs and none of us wanted us to ask the teacher due to the way he reacts. He would yell something along "You're 17 and 18 year olds! This is a simple construction kit that gives you how to do it, step by step AND has pictures! If you can't figure this out, you're going to have a hell of a time in college when the teachers only give you vague assignment details." Automatically, a 0 for all of us.

There was a final project that we had to do, but my grade is so low, I didn't. Even if I got a perfect 100, it wouldn't even bring me up high enough to pass. So, here's the lowest grade I've ever gotten in school. Explaining it to my parents are even worse. I was afraid to tell my parents because, hello? I got ANOTHER failing grade. They'll bring up in 4th grade how I was an honor student, or how good I did in 8th grade, but honestly, the change from 8th grade to high school is significant. 7th & 8th grade you were GIVEN the answers. High school, you're even lucky to get a good explanation from a teacher.

I spent all night crying about how bad my parents were going to flip out. I'm prone to self-hatred at times & me worrying about Environmental Issues made me think of the finals I WAS supposed to have today (snow day) and how I'll probably end up failing those & fail those classes, not be able to graduate, and I'll have to repeat a horrible year in shame. Nobody really understands how bad I punish myself when these things happen. I KNOW it's my own fault, but it doesn't make it hurt less when they tell me I brought it upon myself because I KNOW. 

I was telling my boyfriend all of this stuff yesterday and he was trying to cheer me up, but when I'm upset, I need to cry out ALL of the pain before I get happy again. So that's how last night went. Tear after tear. I huggled my childhood stuffed animal, Teddy and the stuffed animal my boyfriend got me, Tiger (I consider him the extension of my boyfriend) all night.

When I woke up today, I started studying because I was feeling good, but I knew I would have to tell my mom. I studied & studied & studied. I fell asleep three times, and drooled all over my bed. (I have a drooling issue.) Then I got up. My mom immediately was able to see I had something bothering me. I've had the same talk with her before about failing a class, so I knew what she'd say. She'd either be deeply disappointed and take away all my favorite things as punishment, or give me her stern voice and say that I NEED to do better next semester. I got the stern voice. And she even admitted that my brother had issues with the same teacher when he had him, after I explained why I failed.

Now I was happy because I thought the whole world was going to collapse upon me. I turned on my computer & got on AIM. I saw my boyfriend leave me a message that went like this:

"Hey baby, I hope you get to see this message before you go to school. I really, really, REALLY hope that you do well on those exams - I know you can. Just focus on them, and try your hardest. Even if you don't do well on them, as long as you tried your damnedest to succeed, that's better than not trying at all. And think of it another way - if you do good on them, that means that you never have to deal with those classes and that info again.
    You're my girlfriend and I love you very much, and I know deep down there is a smart girl who can succeed. I stuck to my word and I've been thinking of you all night, feeling both bad about you being down on yourself, and wishing you were here, snuggled safely with me under some warm covers, without a single worry about any stupid fucking tests.
    Ivette -insert middle & last name- is the girl I always wished for, and no matter what happens, she'll stay that. I hope you always love me at least 1/10th of how much I love you, because even then, I'd be loved immensely.

I immediately started crying. Not out of sorrow, but from happiness that even though I probably depressed the hell out of him last night with my self-loathing, he still stuck by and wished me luck on the finals. He really is the best boyfriend ever.
Really Michael, you are. 



I just had to type out all this to get it off my chest. Thanks for reading.



I wore this to go to Salvation Army with my brother and Michael. Turns out Salvation Army isn't open on Sundays, so we went to Walmart.

Click below for more storyness & picness:

Salvation Army turned to Walmart

Soooo I said that I was going to Salvation Army; turns out it's closed on Sundays. So me, my brother, and my boyfriend went to the nearby Walmart. We looked through things, me mainly at beauty products because I'm such a ho when it comes to my looks, I just stock up on EVERYTHING. Eventually we got onto the magazines & discovered there was an upside magazine.

It looks normal in the front...

And it's friggin upside down inside! It's insane dude. We also took a video of it, but I haven't uploaded it yet. It's just crazy.

And I bought...
Two boxes of Pocky. The strawberry one, I INHALED the moment we left the store. And I ate the regular Pocky today after Step Team practice was over. (Did I mention I'm part of my school's step team?)

And then the holy grail...
Night Star from the "The Immortals" series. My friend Jessica and I tend to read the same books. Pardon, I read HER books. Now since I always jack her books from her to read, I feel bad having her purchase ALL of the series of everything we read basically (even though she wants it for herself anyway), so I decided to help her out and buy the latest one. She only had money to buy "Dark Flame" & the slight spin off "Radiance," so she had to leave Night Star behind. Luckily, i dumped half the things I WAS going to buy to get her this. It's her late Hannukah/early birthday present.

I can't wait to read it.

And this is what else I bought that isn't photographed:
+ Kiss My Face "Peaches & Creme Ultra Moisturizer" (It has 4% alpha hydroxy in it. It's fruit extract that helps exfoliate skin cells, unblocks & cleanses pores.)
+ "Blender" Skittles (which are amazing)
& some gum... yeah haha

Outfit post coming very soon. Thanks for reading.


Chictopia: Chic Swap

I have pieces in my wardrobe that I don't really dig that much, so I'm putting them a few on chictopia's "Chic Swap."

What you do on the site is buy "Chic Tokens" that act like your actual money. You purchase the item with those tokens & you know, receive it in the mail. So with $10 real bucks (which has to be done through PayPal), you can buy 100 Chic tokens. The items available can range from 50 to 300 tokens. I'm keeping mine relatively cheap, sticking below 80 tokens. After all, everything I buy comes from flea markets, bargain sales from retail places (Deb, Rave), & open warehouses.

I have two things available right now:

This blue, polka dotted hoodie shirt. With a kangaroo pouch and cropped sleeves. You can "buy" here: CLICK HERE

This white tunic-styled shirt. With a black and red print & an empire waist tie, stretchy cap sleeves, and a square neckline. You can "buy" it here: CLICK HERE

I'll be putting more things on here as the time comes because I have to wait until I sell SOMETHING haha. So if you're interested, it's on the site under the "Chic Swap" option. If they are taken done after 13 days (because nobody bought it) & you're still interested in buying it, just comment me & leave your email & I'll contact you. Don't worry about privacy issues about your email, I have my comments under "moderation," so I'll be the only one who sees it.

Thank you.
p.s. I'm going to Salvation Army today. Expect pictures today or tomorrow :)



My mom asked me to walk the dog today. Seeing as it isn't windy or severely cold (just chilly), today I can actually take photos and be fashionable over functional.

Click below to read more and see A LOT more (i.e. I took close up photos of a lot of details, so more text and extra, I RAMBLE BAAAW1!!):


I got two pretty rad gifts from my friend when she came up from New York. Including the dress below.

Click below for the other gift & more pictures:


pretty pastel.

I currently am loving soft colours (i.e. pastels), sheer materials (gauze, tulle), light colored flowers, loose braids, thick cotton cardies, shimmery hearts, and 25 cent girly rings. It reminds me of like, light-hearted twee, dressed in cardies, polka dots, bows, etc. I've been really digging on it lately.


I wore this yesterday to school, where EVERYONE was freaking out about "omg, we're gonna get 3 inches, we're gonna get a snow day." And me being like "Yeah right." Well, since I'm typing all this at 1:53am, you can assume they were right.

Oh lord, you do not know how bad I botched my leg when I was editing. Half of this pic looks pretty legit and the other half is like "Is this your first time editing?" Haha. XD

Anywhoodles, click below to read more and see more:


I wore this to school on Wednesday. I was totally head to toe black & red. It was spectacular :)

Like the blend? XD This a few tries to get it right. Anyway, this is what I wore... well minus the jacket although it would have been amazing to wear it. My school doesn't let you wear black tops, while A LOT of people still do. I promised myself I wouldn't get in trouble with the dress code again, so I try to avoid it.

Click below to read more and see more:


I wore this when I did break my glasses. We had to leave to go to the closest Walmart to see if I could get SOMETHING to wear.

I though my outfit was really cute, kinda 40s. I was warm and comfy and chic ;D Even though the majority of the time, I sat in the auto repair place because both my brother and my grandpa's cars had to get new tires and my bro had to have his breaks fixed.

Turns out Walmart can't do anything with my glasses, thus my ghetto-fied ones (check last post). However, I was probably in need of new ones haha XD

Cardigan: GAP
T-shirt: Hanes, Walmart
Belt: Deb
Necklace: Claire's
Bracelet: gift
Jeans: gift
Shoes: Sugarfoot, The Shoe Dept.

Hype the outfit on Lookbook: glasses.

Thanks for reading :)

Random photo updates;

Okay, so I said I was going to post things up and I will. Here are a few pictures that I took during my computerless time;

This day, I was going to a Christmas party with my family. After the party, we had to grab some gas (that's what we get for having a truck). As we pull into the station, I see the sign, but it didn't faze me. Then I relooked again and that's when both me and my brother started laughing our asses off because it's hilarious (in a sick pervy way). Thus, I HAD to get the picture of the sign haha.

I was going to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I was hungreh. So, I go into the kitchen and get the bread. I skip the first piece (duh, nobody likes it unless its the last piece of bread there) and pull out the second slice. I look at it and see this monstrosity ^ lookatthepic ^. I was like "WTF!??!?!" I ran upstairs to show my brother, which he proceeded to laugh too. I go downstairs to get another slice when I look at the first out. I take it out and it has a hole THE SAME EXACT SIZE of the mutanted crust on this slice. 

Obviously when they cooked the bread, I don't think they knew that the slice was like, stuck on, so they just cut through it. I don't have pictures of the first slice to prove it, but it was just a "wow!" moment.

On the first day of 2011, I broke my glasses. It was depressing.

The second day of 2011, my glasses were fixed....with crazy glue and a piece of a credit card.
The first day of school of 2011, my friend broke them. Now they're held together by crazy glue, hot glue, and a bandaid.


And those were some random pictures that happened during my disappearance.


Evey's back, tell a friend.

I finally got my computer back. The motherboard was fried, so it's replaced but unfortunately, I also had to get it reformatted, so I have nothing on here currently. I'll be updating on here soon enough. I just have ot upload the pictures.

Hope everyone had a good New Year. :)


Hopefully, new updates...

Things are going on and with no pictures, it's hard to explain my woe. So when I get my computer back, I shall post about:

- A necklace I made
- Gifts I received from a friend
- My broken glasses (that is correct, I am typing blind right now)

And I shall update this when I deem necessary, but as of now, I'm a deeply upset chica :(
I have no computer AND no glasses. School is going to be so unfun XP

Oh well. I hope everyone else is starting off their year fine.