I wore this yesterday. We had a two hour delay so I actually had time to get super pretty and take photos with nice lighting. However, I still moved, thus the shakiness. I really need to invest in either a tripod or a straightjacket to get me to stay still.

I don't have too much of a story to go with this solely because I totally forget everything that happened yesterday haha. :)

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Out of P.A. pt. 2

I'm currently inspired by feathers, Native American accents, and all time American summer staples, such as bleached cut-off shorts and overalls. Feathered earrings dangling off people's ears, while metal feather charms twist and spin around the neck. Thin, white, loose tank tops are covered over by turquoise and orange cream coloured wool jacket to keep warm. Absurd large feather headpieces are worn while walking through fields. Dreamcatchers are necessity for the long drive out of the state. You want good dreams of leaving, not nightmares about a flat tire. My ultimate inspiration is "Escapism."


Out of P.A.

"Out of L.A." by Dollyrots

This song is currently my graduation song. It's not a theme song, it's not even a love of the moment song, this is my PERSONAL graduation song. This is how I feel about everything that has to Pennsylvania (the state of which I currently reside). Other than friends and family, there is nothing in Pennsylvania that could keep me here. In my head, I often change "LA" to "PA," that's how much I want to leave. When I listen to this song, I just imagine myself with a group of my friends jumbled together in a car and driving past all the highway signs of cities and towns until we near the border of the state.

As the lyrics state, "[I] don't belong, [I] won't be long." It really won't be too long until I move towards another state. Most likely I'll end up in Ohio.


I wore this to school today. Since I straightened my hair yesterday, I got lazy to wash it to get back to my usual curls, so when I went to sleep, I got a bit more texture in my hair. The texture inspired me to go use my new feather earring kinda as a faux feather hair extension. I based the whole outfit around the feather. It's not the most unique outfit, but I like it :)

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Ugh, my eyes look scary hahaha. Anyway, I wore this to school today. I was pretty cold so I wore the cardigan, but I was uber lazy to take off my pj shirt (shut up, I put perfume on haha), so I slapped on a faux collar. Sssshh, don't tell my school :) Also, totally addicted to "Perks of a Wallflower." I ignored all my school work in class to read. Oopsie :3

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I wore this Sunday to babysit at a friend's of my parents. I woke up at 8:30am to be ready by 10am. Turned out to be the little sister of this girl who was the captain of the cheerleading team during my freshman year. She had graduated last year. From 10am to around 6pm or so, I babysat a six year old named Taylor. She was a darling, but it took a lot of determination to get her away from playtime.

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Bird of a Feather.

I wrote an article about my current addiction to feathers. No need to see me gush about them on here, go check out the article on Chictopia: CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE



Okay, this is what I wore today, very basic but pretty to me. Juniors had PSSAs so there was homeroom for three hours for all the other grades except the seniors. We had sooo many presentations. First was a college-career one, then the boys and girls were seperated into groups. We listened to a presentation for campus crime & safety, then one about rape and sexual assault. THEN we had to go to the gym where Army dudes made our class do workouts... I sat out haha. The rest of the day went pretty quickly though. Hopefully I'll have better uniform pictures, but here's my outfit:

Jacket: American Eagle, garage sale
Shirt: SAG Harbor, Salvation Army
Necklace: Claire's
Pants: L.E.I., Salvation Army
Shoes: Mudd, Salvation Army

Thanks for looking :)

Birthday-mall score.

Okay, so in my Petals post, I said when I went out for my friend's 18th bday, we went to the mall & I scored a major shopping spree... well, I SOOO did. With about roughly fifteen to twenty dollars, I got (or was given) all these pieces of clothing & accessories :)

Starting with this lovely American Eagle blazer, bought at the indoor garage sale at the mall, for ONE DOLLAR. Had the tags on and all. The inside is fleece and has these adorable gray and orange stripe interior. It's a size small and fits as such, but it's sooo going to be a staple piece in my uniform wardrobe. In fact, I wore it today (pictures of the outfit tomorrow).

A LOT more pictures and slight stories under the cut:



Yesterday, I went out with my friend Jessica to go to Borders, the mall, and then out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I was pretty psyched especially since my mom gave me money to go shopping and I went shopping crazy, BUT I only spent FIFTEEN BUCKS on everything I got. More about that in the next post, but right now we're focusing on what I was wearing :)

Click for more pictures and more storyness.


K-Mart score.

I got these things like, two weeks ago, but I never got the chance to update about it. So K-mart was having this wicked sale where everything was almost basically four dollars, including jeans. *dies* Of course, I must be apart of this shopping phenomena, HOWEVER, my mom has to pay. According to her, I bought SOOO much stuff last time. (Note: I spent MY money on those things, not her.) So mom proceeded to buy herself a new wardrobe, while I was able to purchase two things.

I love this vest; it's actually more forest green, but the flash made it a bit brighter. Anyway, it's just so soft, and plush, and I love knitted things :) My mom ALSO loved it, so she got one in her size >> Me and my mom have matching vests. Continuing...

And I bought a pair of jeggings. They were for four so I was like "OMG WOOT" because I've been looking for pairs but they're always expensive. Unfortunately, the only size they had left was a medium... A. This was the last pair. Crazy. Anyway, it fits up top, fits the thighs, but then it's waaaay too long legwise. I has short legs. Skinny-ish legs, but they're short. All my pants generally have some form of bagginess in them whether it's length or width. However, it's so better than leggings.

Then my mom tried to get a pair for herself. I warned her that they aren't the most forgiving. And it was true, apparently fits at the top and then gets tight as hell around her thighs. At least I have my own pair. Such great alternatives to jeans :)

Those were my new items for 8 dollars total. Thanks for looking :)

hey stud.

Okay ANOTHER "necklush" I made is a little more simpler, just shinier. It's basically a short necklace decorated with silver stars, studs, and "dimples." (I called those round pieces 'dimples.' It's cute).

Thank you Bedazzler.

Necklush anyone?

I got bored yesterday morning and I've been super addicted to making "necklushes" and things like that. Inspired by this tutorial, I wanted to make my own replica of it. HOWEVER, I didn't have enough t-shirt material, so I made the same general thing as the tutorial, only there's not second ring holding everything together:

Another reason why I like my version is because I made a duo-tone braid neck for it. I think it's really nifty and unique.

Closeup of the braids
Close up of the ring and loops
Close up on the ends
On me, it looks like this:

It's a really long tie-looking thing. However, there's sooo many possibilities on the way you can wrap and tie it. In fact, I came up with 11 ways you can style this long-tie-scarf.

Click here to see all the possibilities :)


prarie thang. part 3

I found some lace material sitting around my house which reminded me of my prarie love currently. I was going to do a theme photoshoot with it, but I don't have the clothes that go with it (I'm a very bold colour, trend-ish person [and most of best clothes are meant for the summer]). I did remember that I have this wonderfully rustic pink lipstick I got maybe a year ago. I put a bit on and hello prarie girl :)

The lipstick is made by Jane. and the colour is "Romantic Rose." When I picked it out, I was drawn by its darker pink shade, BUT I didn't notice the flaws, I was just overwhelmed by the colour. One thing, when I was secretely dabbing a bit on my hand (I was in Walmart ;P ), I ignored the tiny grains and the amount of sparkle in the mixture. I bought it anyway, it was cheap.

The left picture is somewhat in sunlight. It looks maybe a bit mauve on the pink side, but still very nice. On the right, the sun exposes it's real shade: A gorgeous dark pink (and it's numerous sparkles). 

On my lips (don't mind my dry lips)
Point is, it's a REALLY REALLY nice colour that I can imagine a prarie girl wearing. Light enough to be playful, but dark enough for a bit of smooching. 

Not to mention it looks great on me. I just need to discover a shade like this because as much as I LOVE it, I cannot stand the quality of the lipstick unfortunately. Way too much sparkle, but so gorgeous.

Anyway, thanks for looking :)


prarie thang. part 2

Part of my prarie, country loving style currently, I made this Polyvore set. A great outfit would be this: a lace, high collared blouse tucked into a crochet flouncy skirt with a brown weaved belt. Floral lace tights worn with fringed sandal wedges. On the ears, flowers decorated in crystals, along with the wrists bound with a pink and gold bangle, while on the ring finger, a little golden bird is perched. And the scent? Sensous.

prarie thang.

The borderling prarie girl-boho sweet look is overwhelming me. Pasteled gingham & plaid, lace trims, tan leather, and fringed shorts and shirts. Cute metal silohuette rings and layered thin necklaces with gemstones and feathers. Grandma floral prints and large scarves to wrap around you while making out in the corn field. And of course, neutral wedges that are high enough to show off the legs in a floral romper, but low enough that you can walk down the road back to the barn without blisters.

t-shirt necklaces.

So yesterday and this morning, I made some necklaces out of this HUGE heap of t-shirts my brother gave me ( *cough*ibeggedhimfor*cough* ) that were too small, too big, or he just didn't like. I've been trying to use them to the fullest extent, however, it's hard to be creative sometimes haha. Anyway, here's yesterday's necklace:

This necklace is pretty much a strip of t-shirt, sewn into a stuff, stuffed with a cotton ball, and then tightly rubberband-ed. Well, I cut an uneven strip which is a slight reason why this necklace is a little, lumpy. Second reason is that I don't have balls of cottonballs or any roundish material, so I had to make balls made of fabric and try to shove them in and quickly rubberband before they lose shape. After that, I snipped the edges which gives it a ruffly side and tied a strip of the tee as the rest of the necklace. I still like my uneven necklace though. 

And the other necklace I made (this morning):
This one is based off the "necklush," of which you might have seen in numerous posts of mine. (& more haha)

But instead of it being just one whole wrap around necklace, I kept the strips separate and cut and stretched them to different lengths so you get the layer effect. The darker blue were the regular long strips and the light blue with medium sized, so they were sewn onto some pieces, tied onto others, and even braided and twisted in place. I think it looks pretty decent, not amazing, but decent. 

And that's what I've been doing currently. Thanks for looking. :)

Nylon March 2011 issue

I received the March 2011 Nylon issue a while ago, but I've been neglecting to post up my favorite parts.... soooo here they are :)

But first off, I have to state, I'm not a fan of Kate Bosworth. She isn't a bad actor, but she slips out of my mind a lot, but I love her on this cover. I've been digging the boho look lately. It's probably because spring is coming. Just prepare for some coolio pictures this time around :)

Oh, I also saved the pictures in larger files, so if you want to see ANY of the pictures in large form (so you can read articles and picture information), just go to my Flickr page: HERE

Click here for close up
Click here for more



Okay, in relation to my last post, here's the outfit I wore. I don't have too much storyness, so mainly pictures haha.

Click for more :)