ANOTHER Giveaway?

Oh yes indeedy. Obviously, I'm digging giveaways, especially since I've been slacking off on the blog here due to schoolwork. At least providing the few readers (very few) with some contests with free stuff would be rad :)

Okay, so the people at "Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways" blog (what a mouthful huh?) are hosting ANOTHER giveaway. Not only this Juicy Couture one, but now this jewelry giveaway. All you need to do is follow them on on Google Friend Connect and leave your email. Extra entries are listed. 

Go on people :) I promise you, I owe you guys a lot of updates including Nylon's April scans, one outfit post, one uniform post, and now ANOTHER Nylon Scan for May. TWO Nylon scans. Oh boy, my flickr page is gonna be blowing up.

Stop standing there reading this text. Enter!



Yes I got BlogLovin. So many bloggers have one. I guess it was about time haha :)
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I wore this yesterday for Easter. My dad decided to take me and the family out to this awesome mall an hour away, but it ended up being closed. So then we went to another mall, and it was too closed. So we just hung out at the plaza across the street from the mall. We ate at Longhorn's and then went to Barnes & Noble's. I bought two magazines and we went home. After that, I painted some more and then went to our neighbors for cheesecake and coffee. That's it haha. So the rest of this post is photos. Please enjoy ;D
Don't mind the srsbidness face here. By the way, like my bunny purse? I bought it at a yard sale last summer and never had a chance to use it. Thank goodness for Easter huh? :) I use the mini bunny one as a coin purse all the time.

More pics under the cut :) :

MORE Salvation Army???

Of course. Salvation Army is like, my everything dude. I got four things this time.

Like this awesome Eddie Bauer scoop neck sweater for 3.99. Bonus, I can wear this in school for the last month haha.
More things under the cut :) :


I wore this when I got a haircut on Thursday. Obviously, my hair is amazing now, but yeah. I liked the outfit. It was both comfortable and chic, mhms.
More pics under the cut:

Guess who got a haircut?

I did. It involved a lot of arguing with my mother and a couple of tears before it actually happened but yeah, hair cut.
Got sideswept bangs, redid my layers, and I lost about two inches of my hair. It's okay though, I was due for a cut. They obviously straightened my bangs, but I convinced the lady taking care of my hair to keep it curly. She wanted to straighten it and I was like "Oh HELLLLL NAW." Okay, not really, but I told her I want to keep it as is. Twas pretty. 

Outfit post coming up next :)


Free dress? Sounds Juicy...

...Couture. What? Yeah, that's right. On "Fashion and Beauty Blog Giveaways," they're hosting a little giveaway. They paired up with Juicy Couture to giveaway an amazingly adorable slouchy sweaterdress, that I myself want to sweep into my arms :3

All you have to do is follow the blog, leave your name, email, and post on your blog about it, leave a link, and/or write on facebook about the kickass giveaway ;D

What are you doing here?! Go enter.

 Go. Go. Go. Go. Go.

Gone for a few days?

Yeah, it's true. I had one really cute outfit, but I haven't taken a picture of it, so I'll just wear it Tuesday to school. Oh yeah, I have school off today, tomorrow, and Monday. However, I have a lot of things to do plus I've been on this organizing spree. Seriously, my room is getting so neat, it's insane. I'm growing a smidge minimalist lately, yet I still own a ton of things I don't use. I will admit, I'm quite greedy and don't want to give ALL my stuff away or chuck it. It'll break.

So I have to paint about two paintings (one a large glass painting painting haha & one an ocean landscape), storyboard my senior project (in order to graduate from my school, you need to do some charitable event to raise money for an organization, present the project, and write a six to eight page paper relating to the subject of the project. LAME!), and I have a "Career Exploration" essay due on April 29th (same day as the step team's event :D ). Overall, I'm a busy little mofo, yo.

Pardon me if there are lack of posts, but I leave you with a fond memory of mine from back when I was younger:
This is my brother and I back in the day in front of our old house. He was a ninja for Halloween and I was that Queen chicky from Star Wars. Till this day, I still cannot spell or pronounce her name properly. 

Just keep an eye out for me every so often :)



I wore this Thursday to school. Super inspired by Zana Bayne of wanting to wear harnesses, yet lacking the money to purchase (one day I'll be a loyal customer :) ), I used Syl & Sam's diy halter using two skinny belts. Possibly the best diy thought ever. My friend Tyler kept saying that I look like I'm into BDSM and such. I just like the look haha :)

Bonus: Because I had to tighten it (the belts are a medium, smalls work better), everytime I breathed, I had to straighten up because the back would pull my shoulders back. 

More pictures below the cut:


I wore this to school Wednesday. I was really rather lazy and just wanted to be comfortable thus the swishy skirt I didn't have to play with and the sweater over so I didn't have to readjust my polo all day. I'm all for comfort haha.
Plus, the braid I have in my hair (which is a headband), I haven't been using it as much as I wanted to, so I used it as the little edge to my outfit.

More pictures under the cut:


silleh minnie.

I wore this Tuesday and I felt like the business-version of Minnie Mouse. And the better looking version of my friend Jeff who always wears suits to school haha :) It was really the knee high socks and bow that made me feel especially adorable.
Two complaints about the outfit: My knee socks kept falling down and my skirt kept turning sideways haha

More pictures under the cut:


I wore this Monday before. I have been sooo busy this week I wasn't able to upload any uniform outfits. Well, I honestly don't remember what I did Monday. I hardly remember anything I did this week, so these posts will probably just be photographs for now unless I think of things to add.
I know it was really like, hot and humid on Monday. I believe the step team and I practiced outside. My hair was enormous and I was hot, but I wanted layers. Layers makes things better :3

More pictures under the cut:


Okay back in my Salvation Army post, I bought this really rad white motorcycle-styled vest by Paper Dolls that was unfortunately too big. It's a medium, but I guess it's an adult medium that requires boobs haha. How big was it? This big:
Btw, these posts pictures are going to be small like this because I forgot to resize them so they're HUGE when you click.
It's very awkwardly sized on me. I've never worked with material like it and I didn't want to risk taking it apart and putting it back together wrong, so I made a super easy fix. Add a button to tighten it :)

Tada! I just took the overlapping material, cut and sewed a little buttonhole, then sewed a button on the area where if I pulled it tight, it'd look the vest. It worked out great! Plus I love that the little pocket zipper is going up the chest so it reminds me that it's in the middle, you know? Then I realized, "Omg, this would look GREAT over my new green Sweater from Qi!"

You have no idea how much this sweater is going to be a spring-summer staple.
Uniform posts coming today :)



I'm soooo overwhelmed right now with things. I have three outfits that I need to update on and other things to discuss. Just wait it out until tomorrow or Friday. Please and thanks :)


another Salvation Army score.

I went to Salvation Army yesterday morning with my friends and this is what I bought: (also I apologize for crappy quality. My camera has been acting up lately :( )

Bought this Charlotte Russe blouse for 3.99. I LOVE this colour and I loved the shoulder decoration. I love bold shoulders and it adds an little zest in the shirt so I can throw a statement necklace and it won't outshine these awesome shoulders :) And it's the softest thing ever.

I bought this label-less dress for 5.99. The pattern is amazing and I wanted to get a new maxi dress for this summer. ALSO it matches this adorable light purple sweater in my closet that I was never able to wear with anything, so now it can be worn this fabulous dress (after I sew one of the seams. It tore a bit.)

I bought this freaking MAGNIFICANT label-less cropped top for 3.99. I fell in LOVE with this. I chucked out two shirts to be able to buy it. I love feathers, I love the little crystals, and I love the fact that its cropped made me like have the Hallelujah angelic chorus in my ear. I wanted a cropped top but they're usually too short, too long, bad design, NO design, etc. This is the most perfect top I could have ever own. The sleeves were a bonus. They're mesh so they're slightly see through obviously, but it's just so cool. I will NEVER part with this.

And this vest from Paper Dolls for 6.99 (I had to borrow a dollar from my friend XD). I saw this while I was in line paying on the wall behind the cashier and I had to ask to see it. I tried it on and its a medium, but apparently there has to be more width for me to wear it properly. I bought it anyway (I can't let it go) and I'm going to add a button on it that will tighten it because I just can't part with it. Looks so nice.

And that's what I bought :) Thanks for looking.

Special effects work

On Friday after school, my friend Eizel brought special effects makeup with her and make a wonderful piece of art on my friend's arm. She turned this:

Into this!:
It originally was going to be a compound fracture, but it turned kinda weird so she adapted and made this pseudo burn-skin peeling. I like it though :)

Yay special effects makeup!



I wore this yesterday to school. It was all black and white and surprisingly I got away with wearing a scarf (no scarves allowed >>). So yeah, twas radness. The day was relatively boring like usual except after school when I had to wait the two hours until step team practice. For those two hours, I watched my friend Eizel transform a piece of styrofoam cup into a skin peeling back. Really radness, probably will put up two pictures of it sooner or later. Other than that, not much has been going on.

More pictures beneath the cut:



God these are some bad quality photos haha. Well that's what I get for rushing. Anyway, I wore this to school today. Day three of wearing my hair up to school. I hated the plainness of a ponytail, so I put on my awesome turban headband I made. I got a compliment on it today and a ton of comments of "Is that a turban?" from my friends. It's cool though. I decided to take a chance on the dress code and bear a black top (no black tops allowed, only black bottoms). I didn't get in trouble, but when I got called down to the office, I took it off so the office peeps wouldn't yell.

Not much happened today, but you can go ahead and look at a few more pictures
More pictures below the cut:

burst of colour.

A few years ago, I used to be addicted to Starburst. Not because of it being a good candy (because Skittles is my favorite candy), but because I wanted the wrappers to the Starburst. Why? Well, I went through a phase of trying to reuse candy wrappers, most unsuccessful. I collected so many and had even my friends buy Starburst to give me the wrappers. Soon enough, I gathered so many that I could make five billion bracelets.

I tried different projects: 
+ Starburst wrapper bracelets. It failed due to unstability. 
+ Starburst chokers. It failed because it was a SMIDGE uncomfortable.
+ Starburst headband. It failed due to clapse issues.

The biggest project I did was a Starburst purse which required almost all of my wrappers & TONS of clear tape. I made the bottom and up a few inches, however, it didn't work, like all my projects. Since then my Starburst wrappers sat undisturbed in a shoe box for four years.

I just recently opened them and realized what I could do with them: Rainbow collage around my lightswitch. Look how it came out!

Don't be hating on my bear-picnic outlet. You wish you had it ;P

I love all the colours though. My mom gave me a weird/dirty look, but I don't care. At first I was unsure whether I should have had more, but after sending a picture to my boyfriend, he said it looked cool because it looks like it fades out as it gets darker in the rainbow. Well spent Monday :)


Brunette underneath it all

Okay, so these pictures are from Sunday. I was trying to do like, a wraparound crown braid (just to see if it'd look good on me). So, I know my hair is brown underneath, but I was never able to get pictures of it UNTIL NOW!

Look where my fingers are. That area is my brown hair. Yeah, it's not THAT brown, but it's brown nonetheless.

I love being secretly brunette.


I wore this to school today. I was kinda really bummy solely because I felt like it. I spend everyday coming up with stuff to wear and I'm entitled to a casual day. Any other uniform outfit will probably be casual since the spring is here and I just want to chill out son. I almost never wear that blue polo because of the pattern on the inside, but it surprisingly went well with my (illegal) sweater :)

More pictures under the cut:


Chictopia: Green cashmere sweater

On Chictopia rewards, I bought a green cashmere sweater from Qi. Before I bought it, I had enough points but for a day, I pondered whether it would look good, if the colour would suit me, etc. I ended up getting it thanks to the positive reinforcement of one chictopia member. Here it is:
It's soooo warm and soft and omg, just perfect :) I've also noticed I've been addicted to the colour green lately. No idea why though. *shrugs*

It lacks a bit of shape, but it's fine, I can just belt it. And I like, realized it'd look pretty cute with my jean vest, you know? It's borderline 80s, 90s :)

Adore it :)

Be jealous ;D jk. 
Thanks for looking :)

dairy pimp.

Last Sunday, I was uber inspired by Yokoo's knitted chain scarves. Seriously, they're the most brilliant things I've ever seen. I wanted my own, but I can't knit. However, I can crochet, not very well, but I can crochet haha. Since I wanted to make a chain, I had to track down a pattern to get an idea of how to do it. I found two Lion Brand patterns (here and here) that use a chain, but they weren't as round as I wanted them to be to look like REAL chains.

I followed part of the tutorial, but I blew them up so I could try to get a circular form (width wise). I also decided to use like a gold yarn colour. Here are a few things I never knew how to do until I did this scarf-necklace-thing:

1.) I didn't know how to seam together edges width wise. I did it very well apparently though.
2.) I didn't know how to seam together edges length wise. That I did not do well.

The length wise edges are fugly, for real. So I sewed the edges to the next chain so they can never move or roll over to be exposed. The ugly stays inside haha. Also I didn't notice how ungold my gold yarn looked. In fact, it's just yellow. Cheese yellow. So I have now dubbed myself "the Dairy Pimp" because it's the only way I can get away with wearing a yellow chain.
I advise not to use my pattern I'm about to put down solely due to the fact that I only use 3 stitches this whole time: slip stitch, chain stitch, & single stitch. Double stitch confuses me. ANYWAY, this is what I did:
(NOTE, my chain is a bit flat, not as round as I wanted, sooooo I STILL don't advise using this pattern :) )

1.) Slip stitch, chain 38 - 40.
2.) Turn, single stitch 38- 40.
3.) Repeat Step 2, 8 to 9 times. (Told you that's the only stitch I can do so far).
4.) Fold the width together & seam.
5.) Fold the length together & seam (to the best ability).
6.) Repeat Steps 1 to 4.
7.) Before doing step 5, put on end through your first chain.
8.) Do step 5. Now you should have two chains looped together.
9.) Repeat the process however times you want until you're chain is ALMOST long enough
10.) Your final chain, before doing step 5, each end has to go through TWO chains
11.) Do step 5, and now you have a full chain.

Optional if you have ugly Step 5 seams:
12.) Using thread that is matching, sew ugly seams into the adjacent chain securely.

13.) ENJOY!

Thanks for reading :)

EDIT: The smart thing thinking back to this project was if I sewed the width ends first before and THEN the length. I'm not that smart :( lol

Diy'ed red fringe tank top

Two weeks ago, my mom gave me a red tank top that she got that didn't fit her. It fit me, but I absolutely HATE shirts that go above my hips or hit my waist unless they're supposed to. It was probably supposed to hit at the hips, but I admittingly have a long torso. Being inspired by this tutorial of a fringe shirt, I decided to turn it into a fringe shirt. HOWEVER, due to the shortness of the shirt, I'd have to sew on extra material. So here's the story/half-hearted tutorial on how I turned this:

Into this:
Don't worry, it doesn't look as dumb here when on. It looks pretty cute on :)
More pictures and a story/tutorial under the cut:


This is from Monday. I'm uberly addicted to this plaid shirt I stole from my grandpa, my diy-ed V-neck, and this INSANELY rad key&locket layered necklace purchased from Walmart. I don't know, I've just been deeply inspired by 90s fashion with grunge-y details, the minimalism of plain tees, and ugly waisted shorts (prepare this summer to see some weird fitting shorts that I studded. Looks great haha).


100th POST!....

And it's not a special post, it's an update on my week long absence. Sucks, huh?

One, I'm MOST disappointed with myself just because I had some REALLY cute uniform outfits this week, but I failed to take photos of it because I kept getting rushed out of my house or woke up late in the morning to take them. Suuuuucks. Just means I'm gonna have to wear them again this week lol. In a way, I'm glad my school has uniforms because it gives me full right to wear the same outfit over and OVER and OVER again and no one will say anything.

Two, since Sunday last week, I've been crochetting a chain-scarf-necklace. I made it gold, HOWEVER, after it was done, I realized it's cheese yellow. I just decided that I'm gonna be the "Dairy Pimp." Pictures coming REALLY soon.

Three, I've been pretty busy with my step team practices. We're hosting a show in my school called "Stepping for a Cure" which is going to be a benefit for a St. Jude's hospital near where I live. They provide free cancer treatments to younger children, so we're raising money to help pay for the free treatments. In the show, there's going to be stepping, dance, and modeling. In between those segments, we have singing and poetry reciting. The poems they're gonna read are poems written by children who have cancer, so they'll hit everyone's heart. The even larger surprise is that the hospital said they're gonna try to bus a few kids who have cancer down to the show to watch the benefit :) I tear up just thinking about having them with us as we collect money for them. Prepare for pictures of it sometime this month.

Four, I got a car. I don't think I mentioned it to you guys. My parents bought me a flipping caaaaaar! It's a 2001 green Ford Focus XTC I believe. I still can't drive, I don't have a permit, but that's my car haha :)

Five, holy shiz I'm doing great in school. This is good solely because of my past extremely sucky grades. Note, first two years of high school, I had a full up schedule in summer school :3 It was bad. But right now, doing great. Wish me luck til the end!

Six, I payed my stupid class dues so I'll be going to prom. Hopefully, my boyfriend can attend. There's a bit of difficulty for several reasons why he may not, but I'm ready to help him out with it no matter what :) Prom's in May. I don't see the point of prom though. I'm only going because my parents would flip on me and to make up for my boyfriend's prom last year when I didn't go. Not because I couldn't afford it, because I was being selfish :( So yeah.

Aaaaaaaaand, that's about it right now. Most posts coming up though. Sorry for the lack of content.
Thanks for reading :)