If you didn't read my last post...

Since I lost my camera in the bus fire (details in the last post), I'm on an indefinite outfit hiatus. Any pictures that are used that are me are provided by my parent's camera or taken by my friends with theirs.

The main focus of this blog will still stay on uniforms most likely, along with any beauty product reviews of things I use, fashion inspiration posts, and anything I currently love fashion, hair, or beauty related. 

It's upsetting that my blog JUST started getting a bit popular and I lose my ability to take photos, however, if the few readers who keep up on this keep on reading, it'd be really appreciated :) I will try with all my might to keep the blog entertaining.

Thanks for those who read this and will remain loyal :) Have a good Monday.


Back from Gettysburg???

Okay, so I WAS supposed to be at Gettysburg setting up tents and walking around learning about the Battle of Gettysburg. HOWEVER, our bus pretty much decided to set fire and I lost EVERYTHING I brought with me. Everyone on the bus made it off without any problems, however, we cannot say the same about the things on the bus. So many people were crying because they brought expensive things (ipods, cameras, phones, etc.) and special mementos (things from boyfriend/girlfriends, parents, g'rents, etc.) and such. This is what I pretty much put on my facebook:


"We were on the bus to Gettysburg to camp at a battlefield area. For some reason, the bus was slowing down & acting up. -History teacher- thought the emergency exits were open by the handles. They weren't. Then we smell smoke. -History teacher- demands the driver to pull over. The smoke smell gets thicker & we see it. -History teacher- turns to us & says "Get off the bus now." We go like crazy out the emergency exit. The smoke from the front is super thick, gray, & reeks. We get pushed further down the highway & see the fire start in the front of the bus. All of a sudden, we realize there's a thing of propane in the back, so Holub runs to a firefighter to tell him about it. We're told to cross the highway & take safety in front of a motel place. We got to watch everything be burnt & there's no front of the bus now.

Everything that was on the bus was burnt to pure ashes. I lost a couple of things, the most important to me being my camera, ipod, headphones, and house keys. People lost phones, ipods, special mementos, money, expensive jewelry, and other items.

The medic came by to check us out and took our information so they can contact insurance people about everything we lost since luckily the bus was insured. A pizzeria owner whose pizzeria was only a few feet away from the highway walked over to us and offered us a free lunch of pizza since we lost our lunches and money. The local police called up the closest elementary school and picked us up. They drove us to the pizzeria where we ate pizza and drank soda and most of us started to make lists of the items we lost. We even got to see our gray, ashy bus being towed by the underbelly down the road.

-History teacher- called the administration and asked if it'd be okay if we did stay in Gettysburg for a few hours and go home tonight so we got our moneys worth paid for the trip. Most people were fine with the idea, a few wanted to go home. The principal approved of us stay, but -Head administration- said we have to go home. The bus took us home and we'll all safe and good minus our missing possessions.

Those on the Gettysburg trip are having a "mental day off" tomorrow. The worst part of this was that the bus that burnt was my normal, everyday bus to school, so currently, there is no Tigger bus anymore.

Thanks to everyone who was concerned."

(btw about the "Tigger" bus, our school names our buses cartoon characters instead of going by numbers. Odd, but it works well for the little AND older kids.)

In the complete opposite of my seriousness about the situation were my friends:

Others were sad and upset:
(My friend Emily is very... optimistic haha)


There were also others who were upset and we freaking out at the scene of the fire. It was really sad to watch :(
This person was thanking someone else who kept them company and tried to calm them down after they lost some pretty important stuff. It was really nice to see others keeping their friends stable.

Don't think it could have been bad? Check out this pic:
See that firey bus with black smoke pouring out of it? Brilliant isn't it? That's all of our personal possessions getting barbequed by a gas fire.Luckily everyone made it out without any harm.

However, the downside of the incident is that I have no camera. I didn't even have a chance to update upload my third uniform outfit yet. I also had really pretty pictures of my prom hair and makeup I was going to show you :( This also means there will be no Nylon "scans." 

In otherwords, as of right now, I'm on a uniform hiatus. There will be no fashion photos from myself, which saddens me. I can't even show you pictures of the new things I get when/if I get the insurance money from everything. Depression.

I will try to update as much as I can and TRY to make it entertaining. Hope you all have a good Sunday.

Here's my bus afterward on the right:


i disappeared.

Okay, so I will admit, I've been gone for QUITE some time. It wasn't intentional, I just have had so many things going on. Homework, senior project (a project that benefits the community or a charity or educates others. It's needed to pass as a senior), and other random events in my life occurring such as going over friends to do MORE homework or this past Tuesday, I went to a Deftones concert (things on that occurring). And I'd update now (I do have things I can update with), however, I don't have the time. In fact, tomorrow and Monday, I'm camping out at Gettysburg with my Civil War class and my school's history club near the Gettysburg battlefield and it's going to rain >>

Okay, so these are the updates that SHOULD be coming soon:

-Three uniform posts.
-2am pictures after the Deftones concert (It was at the Electric Factory in Philly. More on that when it's posted).
- Nylon's April & May scans (technically, photos not scans, but same diff.)

I knoooooow that I've been saying that I'd put them up, but goddammit, I get too busy and there's like over 100 pages in each magazines, pardon me that I have to resize like 80 pictures XD

So wish me luck for tomorrow that I won't be drenched head to toe in rainwater :3
Thanks for still checking me out! Have a good Sunday :D



I wore this to school today. It was actually pretty warm today, however, I always get chilly for some reason. I decided to use my new sweater which makes me feel soooo luxe man. I feel like I should be wrapped in bear fur by a big fireplace sipping hot chocolate from a glass mug or something. It left a lot of fuzz on my shirt underneath though :3 I also need to wear these gray socks more often. I love them, but I hardly get a chance. I will use them well this last month XD

More pics under the cut:


I wore this to school yesterday. I was pretty illegal today. Two rules broken:
1.) All button-ups must be tucked in.
2.) All undershirts must be solid blue, white, or red.

Okay two and a half:
2 1/2.) Skirts must reach the kneecap.

It's a half because I have two skirts. One that's above and one that hits the knees. Whatever. I felt a little extra stylish because I haven't really rocked elaborate uniforms in awhile. So prepare yourself viewers for the last month of super-style (or somewhat, I might get lazy because I'M GRADUATING JUNE 10TH! :3)

Anyway, pictures under the cut:


Wow, I picked a bad quality main photo. Well, whatever, it showed the whole essence of the outfit in one pic. I wore this the week before last week, but had forgotten to take photos of it. So I rewore it. Score 1 for uniform code: I can rewear awesome outfits. Anywhoodle, I gave my gold chain it's first debut in school. Honestly, the first time, not too many people reacted towards me. Second time, I just got odd looks. The teachers liked it.

More pics (of better quality) under the cut:


I wore this Monday of my Easter break. It was my last day before school i.e. this is two weeks late. Splendid. I didn't do anything really other than last minute homework and watch my new vacation-neighbors move it. That's about it. The rest of this post will be pictures. Lots of updates streaming in quick.

More under the cut: